Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Standing up to bullying

Today is Stand up to Bullying day. Hardly a day goes by without an incident being reported in the media about how a young person’s life has been seriously affected, or has even been ended, as a result of bullying they have been forced to endure. This is a serious social issue that shows no sign of improving. In fact, bullying is major concern in education worldwide, with many countries reported to have high rates of bullying in schools. In this post, our newly appointed professor of research in education, Garry Hornby, addresses the issue of bullying with an ecological approach. He writes:

A review of the effectiveness of strategies and programmes to prevent bullying suggests that in order to substantially reduce bullying in schools a systemic approach needs to be adopted with interventions organized at various levels. Therefore, an ecological model for bullying prevention is presented in the accompanying article that suggests strategies and interventions at the levels of teachers, schools, communities, and society. Examples of interventions that have been found to have evidence supporting their effectiveness have been outlined at each of these levels. Guidelines are presented for schools adopting such an ecological model for addressing bullying and for bringing about the changes needed to implement it successfully. 

You can read the entire paper below:

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